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Scenes from our fabulous mini MHC reunion of classmates from our 50th reunion planning committee at Rose Hill farm in Oconomowoc, WI, home of Helen and Bert Forster

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(Posted Summer 2017)



Front from left: Lynn Hayden Wadhams, Joyce Harper, Emese Soos, Caroline Fuller Sloat
Middle row: Judi Coburn Harris (host), Erika Saunders, Barbara Holtz, Chris Tree
Back row: Kristin Stueber, Dotsy Derick, Laura Bernstein, Lori Silvershine Roses, Yarrow Cleaves, Gail Buerger Kerr
In the shot with Beth, Barbara Holtz takes Emese's place in the front row and Beth stands between Caroline and Gail.

A good time indeed! We did not have an unaffiliated person to take the picture, so Emese and Beth changed places behind the camera between the top and bottom pictures.

Sally Farrow attended, but had to leave early.

'65 Mini-reunion at the local MHC Peninsula Decades Lunch. Michael's Restaurant in Mountain View, CA, March 20, 2017. Betsy Dippel Archambeault, Amy Laden, Bev Braman Harrison, and Lassie Barela.

MHC '65 Boston Area Luncheon, November 13, 2016 at Marty Martin Nestor's home in Concord, MA - a beautiful setting for a luncheon and lively conversation.


Back Row: Chris Tree, Yarrow (Anne) Cleaves, Judi Coburn Harris, Kristin Stueber, Laura Nixdorf Bernstein, Dotsy Derick, Beth Tietze Lowd, Marty Martin Nestor (our hostess), Cynthia Gallup Phelps. Front Row: Caroline Fuller Sloat, Barbara Holtz, Erika Saunders, Debbie Klein Walker. In the second picture, our class president, Judy Burger-Gossart replaces Debbie Walker.

Books that classmates mentioned they were reading:

  • The Japanese Lover, A Novel by Isabel Allende
  • Firebrand and The First Lady: Portrait of a Friendship: Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt and the Struggle for Social Justice, by Patricia Bell-Scott
  • Washington's Immortals, The Untold Story of an Elite Regiment Who Changed the Course of the Revolution, by Patrick K. O'Donnell
  • The Upright Thinkers, The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos, by Leonard Mlodinow
  • Wolf Hollow, by Lauren Wolk.

Volunteer Conference September 2016


Ten members of the Class of 1965 started preparing for our 55th reunion at the Volunteer Conference in September 2016. Seated l to r: Kristen Stueber, Caroline Fuller Sloat, Roberta Aber, Bev Braman Harrison, Beth Tietze Lowd. Standing l to r: Judy Smith Partlow. Judy Burger-Gossart, Jackie Berkowitz, Susie Beers Betzer, Karen Kelly Becker.

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